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Today we came out on the news!

The Portuguese band The Peakles will be present for the first time, on the international festival Beatle Week in Liverpool, devoted exclusively to the Beatles

“The Peakles” is the first portuguese band to receive an invitation to participate in the festival Beatle Week, which runs from 20 to 26 August. “We are delighted with the invitation, we worked hard for this to happen, and it happened,” said Ricardo Monteiro, member of the band. Ricardo Monteiro also explained that being “The Peakles” a Beatles tribute band, they decided to send their work to the organization of the festival and the “invitation came a few days later.”

The musical project, with only one year of existence, has the opportunity to show their work “across borders, but mainly in Portugal”, hoping “recognition for the work that has been done in (our) country”. “We believe in our work and this is the most important,” concluded Ricardo Monteiro.

The International Beatle Week Festival, organized by producer Cavern City Tours offers several live concerts, exhibitions, lectures and tours of the city that saw the birth of The Beatles.

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